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I HIGHLY recommend Teton Adventures RV. I’ve been living in Texas the last 5 years and actually bought my T@B 400 from a dealership in Austin (Princess Craft) and I had such a bad experience. Once I picked up my trailer, I drove up to Idaho and noticed some kinks that needed fixing and brought it to Teton. It was the closest authorized dealership to where I was and I was NOT disappointed in the least. The first service guy that I came in contact with, Steven P, has been nothing but awesome through the whole [very frustrating] situation and even helped when I was ~300 miles away in Twin Falls via text and call when some more issues started to arise (new trailers, amiright?)

Anyways, I had to come back up to Teton Adventures to have some more things done, namely: my door on the RV wasn’t opening at all even though it was unlocked, and I was greeted by yet ANOTHER awesome service guy: Sean (didn’t get his last initial). I explained to Sean my situation: I live in my trailer and my whole life, including my laptop which I use for work were locked in there. Both Steven, who wasn’t even supposed to be working today, and Sean quickly resolved my issue when I thought it was going to be an all-night thing considering they had never seen anything like this before, and left me with high hopes for when I come back (because we were still waiting for some parts to come in.)

All-in-all, I had a fairly negative outlook on dealerships after I left Princess Craft. When I went to Teton Adventures expecting the same treatment I was super stoked to have gotten some of the best treatment I have ever gotten by ANY representative at not only dealerships, but anywhere. It’s super weird, but I am actually really excited to go back and work with these guys again to finish up some stuff on my trailer. Never thought I’d say that!

Thanks guys! I appreciate your service and your support and highly recommended either service dude to help you out! You will not be sorry.


Miranda, Facebook Review
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